Feature requests for blender 2.5

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Feature requests for blender 2.5

Post by MediaMonkey »

I am doing a project that involves lens flares and I have come to see how out dated the lens flare system in blender is.

1. I think you need to set the flare system to use lamps as well as Halos.

2. I like the new glare node plugin but I think the ghost setting needs a LOT more options. The ability to fully customize the flares is what I think needs to be done.

3. The glare plugin needs another whole mode for doing fullscreen streaks, like you would see in a movie when there is a light source.

4. A switch to allow flicker of the different flare elements would be great. A slider to set the flicker amount would be the next step.

This is one of the biggest realism features that needs to be added.

Here is a link to get some ideas and looks:

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Glare Plugin limits

Post by MediaMonkey »

One thing that could be changed right now for the glare plugin is increasing the range of the iterations. I really fail to see why the limit is 5. Why can't it go up 20? On the fog glow setting, the bloom size is also very limited.

I really like this node. I just think a lot more can be added to it.

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.Obj export plugin completion

Post by SonOfSparda »

It's definitely a crucial completion to be made.

The export plugin only export texture coordinates for UV map Objects.
It's impossible to export textures as materials and therefore to use repetitive texturing (coordinates like 3;2,4).

We are a lot using blender to realise game components and it sadly forces us to swap to 3Ds max.

I am sure it's not hard because as we can render it means the render engine got those coordinates.

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DirectX support

Post by SocalSam »

I would like to see DirectX support for import and export.
Socal Sam

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Feature requests for blender 2.5

Post by awratten »

Adaptive skin for bones.
This will make a generic mesh around an armature and allow you to use the rig as the concept for the whole model. kills two birds with one stone.
you could combine this and automatic bone weights for automatic rigging.

if you've ever used zbrush you know what i'm talking about.

if you look at this you might get an idea:


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