Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 Crash

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Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 Crash

Post by MadMesh »

I'm trying the new indirect lighting feature in the new Blender version. Unfortunately, if I change one parameter in the indirect lighting settings then every following render crashes Blender. The first render always works fine. This pretty much makes tweaking and experimenting impossible. I find this very annoying as I am exited to try this feature. Is there a solution for this problem? This bug is also consistent with other 2.5 builds I've tried from GraphicAll.

P.S. I have no problems rendering without the Indirect lighting feature.

I'm using this Blender build from GraphicAll: ... ow&id=1260

I'm running Windows Vista 64 bit
I have Python 3.1 64 bit installed
My PC has 2 Quad core Intel Xeons
8 GB of RAM

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reporting my buggs

Post by pknobloch »

:) many thanks to the addons in blender 2.5 (alpha 2 windows 32 donwload on web site) (but did already clouds with sss material on particles on the 2.49b)

running better on windows 7 than xp (frequently craches)

* but cat find the knife tool / need to use loop cut - multi cut doesn't work
* blender craches :
-- when I tryed to do bake rendering with ambiant occlusion
-- when rendering some times... ?

* sky colors reflect on mirrored materials but not sky bitmap texture (didn't try other types)

-09 06 2010 :
okay these problems are solved in the laste june 06 2010 running blender trunk version on

but allready need the knif to model easily faces and complex models ....

10mn later okay nothing to say this version do wath I need :D :D (vrey happy)
for the knife I press 'K' and kut the selected mesh while dragging mouse and LMB , yes (and the environement map is fine) :D

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