Sintel Logo: Submission (Color & Cut)

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Sintel Logo: Submission (Color & Cut)

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Hello Blender,

I follow the growing of Blender since 2004 and like the people, the drive and the continuity of the project, or to say it short: the "karma" :)

To take my chance to do some stuff for the community, I have heared the call for community involvement and made two Logos for the project "Durian". A black and white one for cutting (T-Shirts, caps, silkscreen print) and a color version for CMYK-Printing (Covers, DVD-Label etc.)

The color version need some final drawing (clip of the greadient with backround) - but to respect the short deadline .... here is my idea!

color version (SVG)

b&w version (SVG)

If you have any feedback, don't hasitate - I'm here. :)

Grow up,

Edit: Added preview images.

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