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Geometry Planet

Post by N00B3R » Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:20 pm

Hello Community!!

A "newer" group of people have been getting together and are currently looking for new prospects and people to join the team!!! The name of the project and name of the game is, you guessed it, Geometry Planet!!

This game is based around, yes, you are right, GEOMETRICAL SHAPES!!!

Everything in the game will use 3 of the main geometrical shapes including all and none of them, the blob character. The blob character is a formless, mass of "goop" that could only be defined as a "blob" this being the most interesting character to use (depending on your tastes) will be the main character we will start developing the game with; also it is a little more difficult than the rest of the shapes (depending on whats hard for YOU). The other shapes are; Sphere characters that are nature focused magic using people that are exactly that, spheres, but imagine something like a whiffle ball with energy (light) inside of it. The Square characters are technologically advanced which are basically flying squares close to a Borg Cube. Finally the Cone/Pyramid characters that are basically like spin tops that use their shape to dig and smash while spinning, they are a warrior people who focus in their weapons and armor above all else.

The game is based around an evolving storyline that is effected by what you say to each NPC and which shape you choose to use. The choices you have to say to the NPCs will determine what you are; Good, Bad or Neutral. Good is always being humble, apologetic, and naturally a decent "good person"; this direction may give you help with your missions as people tend to "like" you (easy mode). Bad is the funny A-Hole of the game that says the most obscene things to everyone, no matter who they are; in this direction people will not help you as much or at all in figuring out the quests and how to complete them (hard mode). Neutral is the "stupid" side of the storyline as people both do not like you and want to help you because of your, insane lack of intelligence (moderate mode).

There will be much more to the game but I shall not reveal everything just yet, I intend to focus on parts of the game to reduce any kind of "snowballing" and other concerns that were made by posters. Also it will be much faster for each area if everyone is contributing to focused maps, which everything will be broken down in the next post. That being said, refer to the 2nd post for examples, descriptions and more about what is needed for the Blob character's area, imagination and creativity a MUST.

Here is a list of positions we have on the team, and another one following for positions needed.

~::Member Positions::~

1 UV Texture Artist
1 Texture Artist
2 Writers
2 Voice Over Actors
1 C++ Coder
1 BGE "Specialist"
3 Map Artists
2 Prop Designers
1 Soundtrack Artist
1 Website Designer

----+++Needed Positions+++----

1 Folly Artist
1 Experienced Python User
1 Experienced Texture and UV Artist
1-5 Modelers (Map & Props)

Modelers do not have to be that experienced using blender as you can learn tricks along the way and can practice while getting focused critique.

Anyone wanting to join the group project just give me a PM and ask for more details if you want, just send me a couple examples of what you have done and what area you would like to apply for.

Looking forward to more project members!!

- N00B3R (Will) ::Project Manager::

Geometry Planet: Platform, Puzzle game with RPG style upgrades and more! ... =20&t=4370

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Creating - Levels - Maps - Props - Etc.

Post by N00B3R » Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:22 pm

::::Examples:::: ... =slideshow


Use screenshots or renders to upload and share with the project team!

If you use any kind of file sharing software be sure to also upload the "finished" version of the prop and have a download link under your example render/screenshot.

Props will be used for lighting, interaction and scenery so keep in mind when you are thinking up new models if you could have a light in with it, or some kind of glow around them. For example; glowing mushrooms.


Use either many screenshots or simply upload and share with the project team, make sure we can see a great example if you choose to use screens/renders!!!

Uploaded files will be looked over when sufficient screens/renders are supplied when posting your addition to the game!!

Maps will be generally used throughout the game as basic maps, mroe complex maps and unique maps will be used for major parts of the game.

Areas are maps and levels linked together to create an entire "area" of the game, these "areas" are focused to the characters own type of shape and is made around most of these examples.

Levels will be included after the level creator will be finished, levels will be used for mini-games and more!!

More to come as soon as we have some of our base problems solved!!

Looking forward to those problems being solved by project members!!


Geometry Planet: Platform, Puzzle game with RPG style upgrades and more! ... =20&t=4370

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