environment mapping in2.27

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environment mapping in2.27

Post by maya3d » Wed Jun 25, 2003 2:08 pm

:x i cant make those environment maps working. and that pisses me off. i have "the blender book", and it's actually a great source of information about almost anything in blender, but no matter how hard i'll try, those env maps dont work for me! i know i'm doing something wrong but i dont know what it is. so if anyone is kind enough to explain me clearly, how to make simple environment mapping i would be very thankful.

with respect
maya 3d
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Post by dittohead » Thu Jun 26, 2003 3:33 am

the place to ask questions about using blender as an end user is at www.elysiun.com forums.

these forums here exist as a base for blender developer's or people wanting to get involved in discussing new features/formulating a basis on what people want in the features among other development based discussions.

env mapping: http://oldsite.blender3d.org/showitem.php?id=100
refraction: http://oldsite.blender3d.org/showitem.php?id=99

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