toTriangles died a miserable death?

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toTriangles died a miserable death?

Post by volcaino »

I was just wondering whether the python function Mesh.toTriangles(ngon) is supposed to be part of the current python system any more?

If it's supposed to still be there, I guess no-one has realised that it hasn't worked in a while? If it was removed on purpose then it hasn't been completely removed? or is it a problem with the compatability of newer versions of python?

When i try to use this function i get the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "Text", line 5, in ?
File "../modules/Blender/", line 69, in toTriangles
ImportError: No module named utils

Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Or even better still - fix it if it is supposed to still be part of the python interpreter.

Thanks muchly


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Post by willian »


The Mesh module was never completed, NaN went away before it was finished. In its state, it's just a wrapper in Python of NMesh. It would accept n-sided gons and have good tesselation in the Publisher version, probably, but that now is history.

The new implementation isn't part of official Blender versions yet, we expect to integrate it for 2.28. It will have NMesh with bug fixes (and people to regularly fix bugs in the Blender Python code), but not Mesh.

So, unlike what the 2.25 docs said: NMesh isn't going away -- Mesh is going away.


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