Kiyador ORPG-Modeller Needed

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Kiyador ORPG-Modeller Needed

Post by XDarkrainex » Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:05 pm

Kiyador is an online, 3D project I have been working on. The game has many RPG elements, and takes place in the world called, Kiyador.
The world will be very large, with deserts, oceans, forests, everything fantasy realms are full of.
There will be several races, all planned out already, and several classes, which provides more character customization, as with hair, eye, eye colour, etcetera.
As I said before, the game will have dynamic character customization, instead of tierded sets of armour and weapons, there are several balanced sets, so each player can create a unique style. There are different classes and races, of course, but I won't go on. Visit the website below to check out information, screenshots and news. It's .webs because it's only a team website :P

The game is still in an early development state, and we currently have five team members on the project, a combination of composers, programmers and artists. What I need here is a Modeller for the game, we already have one, but it would really benefit if we had two or three, to speed up the project.
As a modeller, you'll need to be active. You need to be able to create 3D
models of things such a monsters, characters and NPC, weapons and terrain.
To apply for a position, please send a portfolio of your work (models made) or just links, to

Team members inactive for 14days will be classed as "Quitters", unless your on a holiday. This is just so team spaces aren't wasted up, or someone just joins for the "fun" of it.
We look forward to you joining, if you decide to.
Thank you,
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