Game Editor 3D with Blender

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Game Editor 3D with Blender

Post by makslane » Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:54 pm

Hi Blender Developers,

My name is Makslane and I'm the developer of the Game Editor (a multiplatform open source 2D game creation tool).
After many years trying to get a new interface, now I think we can use other approach.

In december 2002 I start the Game Editor development. The idea was make a 2D game creator tool thats can create a game for multiple platforms.
But why 2D? Because the 3D game market had many great players.
It was not a viable project for just one person!

But now we have another scenario: Game Editor is an open source software, so we can use great 3D open source software and not reinvent the wheel.

In the last months I was just learning the Blender (Just to you know, my first C program was a 3D modeler called Visual 3D developed to the AMIGA computer and I've worked as 3D graphic artist too ;-) ).

Game Editor now have two big projects to finish: a new interface and the network.
What I'm think is Game Editor can use the Blender 3D project to get a new interface, the network and the 3D (by making a plugin for Blender or changing the Blender code).

To get this work, the steps are:

1) Port the Blender player (the Blender game engine) to all platforms supported by Game Editor
2) To create in the Blender game engine (and interface) all features Game Editor have (for example, the Blender game engine doesn't have a easy way to make cheat codes in the keyboard events)
3) To create a converter thats will read all Game Editor games
4) To create the iconic programming interface already coded in the current Game Editor code
5) To improve the blender interface in some aspects (like when you select the parent object you need just to select from a list, not enter the name in the keyboard)

The Game Editor 3D using the Blender will be compatible only with devices thats have an OpenGL ES 3D hardware accelerator (iPhone, some Android devices, ...).

About the business model used in Game Editor today, I think will need some changes (like not selling Game Editor anymore or putting the sharing revenues idea to work)

Well, this is just the beginning of an idea I think can be great, but needs to mature.

Game Editor developer

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Post by Bezzen » Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:56 am

Hi Makslane,
How are you progressing with this? I haven't tried Game Editor, but it looks great, I've been dying to do a remake of an old Amiga PD game and have been looking loosely at a couple of game editors (since I only have pretty basic coding skills).

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Post by makslane » Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:30 pm

I'm studying the blender interface code to try port the Behavior panel of new interface (logic code blocks) to the Blender.
Game Editor developer

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