What's about the S3TC Texture File Format?

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What's about the S3TC Texture File Format?

Post by Doc_Holiday » Sat Jul 05, 2003 1:23 am

I think that could be an enrichment for the Game Engine. S3TC is an Texture compression File Format which allowes You to store Youre Textures compressed in Memory of the Graphic Card. That means: Better Texture Quality by smaller Filesize and better Performance. :D :D
The packing range is much better than with JPG or RLE and S3TC is supported by OpenGL and many Graphic Cards. It's Freeware and there are standalone Aps and PlugIns for Photoshop&Co to create such Textures. I think that would be great!

Is there anybody who can insert this Format into Blender? ... Please! :D
Cu, Doc

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Post by Sutabi » Sat Jul 05, 2003 5:29 am

I can see why you would want it.....

But you can really optimize games but using 16-bit with floyd-steinberg dithering on images.... and thats where the struggle is becuase the 16-bit with floyd-steinberg dithering and S3TC are almost identical but both have the breaking point

S3TC compress seems to have troblem with gradients

here a direct quote from a review from several imaghe formates:
2) Why do then we use compressed textures if they can be worse than 16-bit in terms of quality?

Answer: Remember that S3TC/FXT1 compressed textures take 3-4 times less space than 16-bit one. Besides, here (especially in visual comparison) I considered several textures which fit the compression very bad, like S3TC/FXT1. These textures are an exception, since the main ones such as walls, floor, ceiling and others look much better when compressed than 16-bit ones. But in general, games are to be provided with the textures which can be compressed, that is they should be in the definite format. One of such examples is light maps of low resolution. You can see it clearly in Quake 3 Arena with usage of compression.
I would have to say though only card that can support s3tc would have to be those what have extensions like:

so I dont see there being a problem really with how to impliment but wheather its usable by most game developer by the game engine....

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