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Character Dynamics

Postby LethalSideParting » Mon Oct 21, 2002 1:21 am

Hiya guys. I'm not really too sure where to start, so forgive me if I reference another post at Elysiun:

That post explains the basics of what I'm thinking of. This is where I'd like to begin a discussion on whether it's possible, and how to code it in.

So...what do you guys think of the idea (being able to use Dynamics on bones)? Obviously first we'd have to get polygon collision detection working and maybe tie that into ODE somehow... We'd probably need to code in bone constraints somehow as well...That could be hard too...

So, can this be done, or will we have to wait until we start to rewrite all of Blender? :wink:

Thanx for any input, guys :)


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