2.57 rendering problem

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2.57 rendering problem

Post by Raraki » Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:59 pm

Hi :shock:

i have really a problem with the Speed of rendering, i madea mov of 330 frames, and it takes like 1 frame per min...my scean its not to complicated its boxes wit plain colors and little truck movin the boxes from point 1 to 2.... environment lighting 1.5 , gather Dsitances 3, samples 5....

rendering 1280x1040
anti-aliasing 5
quality 90%

i have the blender blender-2.57-windows64

and i really dont know why it takes to long. a dont really know to much of blender i usually use XSI, and i know that mov in XSI its no more dan 30min.

:shock: help :shock:

thks :shock:

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