VOODOO camera tracker exportation script Blender 2.57 (fix)

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VOODOO camera tracker exportation script Blender 2.57 (fix)

Post by borisjoukov » Fri Apr 29, 2011 6:26 pm

Hello everybody,

My name is Boris and im 15.
Recently i discovered voodoo camera tracker. But, as we know, the python script exported for blender was incorrect for the lines "set_frame() to frame_current = ".
But when Blender 2.57 was released, a second problem appears : the lines "vcam.matrix_world = mathutils.Matrix(x)" dont work anymore.

I posted this message to say that i found myself a solution : Just remove the "mathutils.Matrix" but keep the arguments with the parentheses next to the word Matrix.

If you want, i made a little flash program wich correct the python script automatically on this new website : http://borisblendersite.wikeo.net/

Happy "camera tracking" !
Boris J.

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