Greetings and a membership question

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Greetings and a membership question

Post by KC0GRN » Wed Oct 16, 2002 6:02 am

Hello all,

I've been using blender for about a year now (not consistently, but since the open source movement, I've found myself getting back into it again), and I've been following the flow of things since NaN's bankrupcy and the idea to gather the money to buy the sources. At the time, I would have loved to contribute and become a founding member, but my finances at the time wouldn't allow it. But last month I made my last car payment, which has freed up some money for me to do that, but when I tried, the servers were down, and there was mention that the deadline for being a founding member was when the source code was posted on the net for everyone. I checked back a few times, but the membership server still wasn't working.

Anyways, so I missed being a founding member, but I was still wondering if becoming a member would get me similar priviledges (such as access to the compiled publisher and creator v2.25), and if so, when would I be able to sign up?

Thanks all!

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