*NEW* Parasitic Evolution

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*NEW* Parasitic Evolution

Post by stormfarron99 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:16 pm

I am in process of thinking of a new game/movie. I don't know which one to choose. My idea is simply this.

Story so far:

In 2015, A new species called the Orion's began taking over the city of Los Angeles and it's surrounding areas. The Orion came from outer space to destroy planet Earth.

Alex Connors, a 18 year old boy. He lost all prior memory due to unknown circumstances. Who has a unknown power that affects the Orion's more than any other weapon created by mankind. He was forced to join a team called the A.O.S. (Anti-Orion Squad). The A.O.S. was created just for destroying the Orion species before things got out of hand. Lex Anderson the leading doctor of A.O.S. he teaches Alex how to master his... abilities. While Vince Red and Clare Murphy command him through radio. JJ Hall, Eric Murphy and Michael King operate on field with Alex.

Alex begins to have weird premonitions upon working with A.O.S. As the story unfolds the truth behind the Orion assault will be released as of the truth behind the A.O.S.

For this project I will need Character Designers, Set Designers and Character Rigs. I might need a little advice on how to create scenes for I don't understand all the tutorials on Youtube or any other site. I was hoping to create this for all of public to have and watch/play. I only say this for I am 16 years old and don't know how to do that exactly. But willing to learn :)

Here is my email:

I hope to see some emails soon :)

Character Designs -> 5%
Storyline -> 25%
Characters -> 100%
Enemies Design -> 2%

Just started so trying my best to get production's going.
I am still asking myself if it should be a game or a movie. I should have some news on that later. Hoping to have some opinions.

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