Steam Punk RPG -- Information/Looking for people

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Steam Punk RPG -- Information/Looking for people

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I began a development group to make a SteamPunk RPG a few short weeks ago. Although some speed bumps have happened I feel that we have been progressing pretty well. I've found a few dedicated guys that have been with my since the first week. While quite a few have fallen by the wayside, which I knew would happen. People get burnt out or find something more interesting to them. Its harder to keep involved if your not interested or from my own experience not making some progress at least every so often. Such as when I'm programming something that is new to me. Takes much time and effort for little actual progress. So my trick is to go and do something simple for a bit that you know you can get somewhere in, Like I did with the inventory picture below.

Things we have:
We currently have a GDD of game currently in development. I was kind of slacking on writing the technical side of it, however, so today I've been typing out Programming technical doc for each functionality we are wanting to implement.

A few very skill modelers as you can see in the pictures below. They can texture as well fairly well but since it is so time consuming and we would like to produce a demo of our game in the quickest way possible we have decided to leave some models bare for the time being, in hopes that a Texture artist comes along that is willing to help out.
Although we do have a few Modelers more would be most welcome. Since their is many objects to make the game look non-empty.

We also have an Animator, who isn't as active as i'd like him to be but his internet is limited so he does what he can. Since this is a collaboration he is still however building his skill set up which is completely fine since that's the premise of the whole collaboration community.

Our level designing is being done by Josh who use to be on my programming team but since he is still experimenting decided he wanted to give a try at level Design he is learning quite well on all the aspects of that and has a nice demo scene in our Dropbox currently.

Programming side which contains myself and really only myself is going well enough I am currently in contact with a few others but they seem like they aren't too active with the project. The current load is quite heavy however since I am doing this solely myself, while only having a few months experince in unity programming. Mainly having troubles in the Character controller area. All those Quaternions and rotations. Lot to take in on such a short time frame. As far as what has been done or work on : I have the basic inventory system we are using bags and a basic character sheet with 9 slots(picture below), this could be changed later. Also in the picture below you can see a display of skills/stats/vitals of the character these are just generic that will probably be in the game but most definately displayed differently. Yesterday I was working on a bit of the item's structure and how the inventory will tell which item can go where. I have a working Quest Creator which includes its own Editor where you can add Dialog, Reward, Discription/Overview, Title, and the Quest Objectives. I also did some other little things such as door activatables/triggers. So if you want to activate a door you can use the "Interaction Button"(F) and the door will animate open/close based on its current state.

**Edit : Also anyone that is in the Oregon region that would be interested in programming would be vastly beneficial, since I live in Oregon often in the Salem or Monmouth area we could possible have face to face time and work on the project as a unit instead of through skype across the country.

For Modelers our Lead is located in Joplin, MO. So again if your near the area and are a modeler or aspiring modeler it would be much more beneficial.

Sorry about the huge jumbledness there. Was just thinking of the things from off the top off my head.
So with all that said we are currently looking for all types of Dedicated people to come and join us.

If your at all Ambitious to join a team of like ambitious people contact me
Skype: imcanida or through the forums or even from the link below(oursite)

Other people if I'm not on
Skype: john.waynick

We currently own our own website which is located here :

Other Screen shots can be located on our facebook page as well :

Screen Shots





Skype: imcanida

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Hello, I have a very similar game project I have been planning for awhile. Do you have a story/setting planned out for this game? if not, perhaps we could join forces on this.
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Good Afternoon,
My name is Malachi Salyers and I have a few questions. I have experience in Modeling and Animation, but is this what you are trying to recruit? I have a limited amount of texture work and can help out in what ways I can, but have absolutely no experience in the Unity game engine. If my skills are necessary please e-mail me at and we can talk.
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Post by brady »

i am great at texturing i would love to help

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