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Peaces - Freeware game

Post by Mratthew » Sun Sep 11, 2011 8:11 am

What is the game?
This is a free for all, infantry shooter with tactical and strategic elements integrated. This project is focused on creating a new multiplayer experience designed to unite players, a robust single player arcade experience as well as a persistent challenge that a player can enjoy mastering the many facets of infantry combat and command.

A players ability to keep themself and other "allies" alive will determine their success. At the end of this free for all match (yup it ends), the units in the match will be united against a common enemy in a survival mode, ending in the ultimate strategic challenge. A player's "score" will be measured in survival time.

Lastly, the aim is to use this score to build a persistent, dynamic difficulty system for a player's future matches. Thus ensuring the player always has a challenge in every future match. An AI nemesis, if you will.

What is the project's aim?
I'd like to start with a visual target trailer. The next step is Unity (easier on the wallet) where the assets created for the target will be imported and expanded upon. Unity Union can help publish and port from what I've gathered.

What talent is involved?
You, me and anyone else we can impress. I do have interested talent in sound, music, art and programming but none have committed to the project yet (limited time). We can sway their motivation! I am a hobbyist animator. The bulk of my skills are in XSI but I have moved to Blender (again easier on the wallet).

What talent is needed?
I could use a modeler/art director with a love and talent for texture art, an interest in vintage games, sci-fi, real time strategy games and an open mind about the shooter genre. Or just a modeler with free time and enough interest to read this far.

I could use a blender technical director to help lead the visual target trailer. Broad experience with Blender here is crucial and any experience with Unity would be a great bonus.

I could use more animators with rigging experience. One can never have too many animators with enough free time to work on a freeware project. ;)

What will I be creating?
Modeler/AD: concepts, test characters, weapon(s) and add-ons, test levels as well as level props. Rig ready, textured models to set the games visual bar in it's distinct design style.
TD: rigs, shaders, lighting rigs, render tests, particles, dynamics maybe even cloth/hair could come in handy. Basically the more you know and the more free time you have to contribute the more we can create.
Animators: life and death no less

Who do I contact?
My name is Matthew Morigeau, get in touch with me at or post here in the forum. If you have questions about game design elements, feel free to ask here in the forum. I'm not overly protective about my ideas, but if you're going to profit off of these design ideas I'd appreciate you at least hire me.

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