Game Engine + Physics + Deformation of models? (Joints, etc)

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Game Engine + Physics + Deformation of models? (Joints, etc)

Post by deukalion » Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:57 pm


I'm creating a Rude Goldberg-machine, so I only need to work with physics and no animation is allowed. Just plain physics. What I need to know or get some information on and I have no idea what to look for is this:

1. How can I "deform" a model during physics, for example: a ROPE with "joints" and when it moves so does the joints to make it look "fluid" and not like a piece of stick.

2. How can I with the Game Engine render physics (Only press P, no animation beforehand) connect two or more models. For example, make the ROPE attach to a BOX so when the rope gets dragged down with the minimium amount of force it should also drag down the BOX.

Anyone has any ideas?

AND, like I said. All this should happen during "Play" and no animation. Later on I will record animation and use the animation created.

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