In Game Dialogue?

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Jackson 1
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In Game Dialogue?

Post by Jackson 1 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:17 pm

At the moment, I have a robot that wanders around my hallways and I want to be able to interact with it.

I want it to be able to be spoken to at any point during its walking animation, and when talked to it turns and faces the player (kind of like the Fallout dialogue setup).

Does anyone know how I'd do this? I tried giving it a property of "Talk" and setting it up as:

Property "Talk=0" > And > F-Curve (Walk Animation)

Property "Talk=1" > And > Sound (Dialogue)
> Edit Object (Track to Player)

Near "Talk" > And > Property "Assign Talk to 1"
Keyboard "T" >

But that didn't work. And it slowed my Framerate down to an unplayable level when I was near the robot.

Also, with Track To, the Robot will track to the player with its back facing the player. Help?

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Post by NEER » Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:05 am

for this effect i'd go about it like so.

I assume that the walk in circles is already set up for this.

if talk = 0
walk in circles like a crazy person

first make it so the robot knows you are interacting with it.
if near player, and T button pressed (to for talked)
talk = 1

this way the robot will only walk in circles when talk is 0

we don't need the robot to walk to us, because the near sensor tells the robot we are close anyways

if talk = 1
track to player (and maybe walk forward for 1 frame to rotate to player), use the scene overlay to show the dialog and the audio to have the robot talk.
if you want to give the player choice of things to say look into how to make a game menu and take that concept to interact with the robot for different answers back

I hope this helps, let me know if it does or not :)

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