Hi From Venezuela

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Hi From Venezuela

Post by ceveron » Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:51 am

Hi my name is Daniel Rebolledo (Graphic Designer) i'm from Venezuela and i have been a very happy Blender user for the past 3 years even tough i always learn something new every day, i have always supported Blender in every 3D Discussion as a complete tool for our professional environment, but here in Venezuela there is not much knowledge about it and is really hard to spread the word to new youngs students to use it and love it.

Is for this that i like to ask for some help from Blender Foudation to spread a message to the people of Venezuela, i would like to know how can i support Blender.

Please don't forget this message and continue your hard work.

Thank you for everything

Daniel Rebolledo

"Esperemos lo que deseamos, pero soportemos lo que acontezca"

-- Cicerón --

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