Looking for an animator that can motion track Minecraft

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Looking for an animator that can motion track Minecraft

Post by TheAardvarker » Sun Oct 30, 2011 4:18 am

The topic title doesn't explain it well, but I have been making a youtube series in the game minecraft and I need someone who can recreate (or rip) some of the models and textures and then animate characters into clips shot in the game by me. Basically, I need some1 who can animate in blender, and in addition has a way to do motion tracking.

To clarify, I don't need any animated backgrounds, just moving entities motiontracked to existing clips. (This will be mostly people moving around, but also some airship type things)

Someone who likes animating but not modelling or texturing would enjoy this project. It is a series of videos so there would always be more to do, but it is an open ended project. If someone quits in the middle I can find some1 else.

I'm working on the scripting for the episodes right now, and the filming that needs animation over it will be done shortly for the first episode.

I'm probably not selling this very well, and its unusual for these forums to begin with, and I am new to the forums, but this project does have potential to be high quality. I have carefully thought out the plot for this series, and everything is being done like a movie project even though its being created in a video game.

It would probably help if you have played the game, though u don't have to have played it.

Just reply here if you have any desire to do this or if I didn't make something clear.

One last thing. This project could go anywhere from getting no views to getting a lot of views since its on youtube. If it gets a lot of views it has the ability to get youtube money. I have checked and the creators of minecraft encourage people making money off of filming their game because it makes their game more popular.

My intention is just to bring life to a story I thought of, and just to make good videos, but that doesn't mean it can't go anywhere if its good.

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