Recruiting for 3D Side Scroller

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Recruiting for 3D Side Scroller

Post by Stranguh » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:04 am

Hello all!

I am currently working on a 3D Side Scroller for my Game Design degree. We are confined to using Unity, but we can use any 3D modeling software and the like.

I, personally, am not a good 3D modeler and animator, but I am fairly good with scripts, level design, etc.

Essentially, all I am recruiting for is for one or two 3D modeler and animator.
your responsibility would be to:
Create the protagonist model and animate it
Create the small amount of enemies
Possibly create the items and platforms

The story, gameplay, and levels are already set up. So all that is left id the creation of the models, scripting, and putting them together.

Audio is already handled, as is the music.

The sidescroller is more focused on puzzles than completing levels in a time limit. The protagonist is a Frankenstein-esque creature, that needs to find creative ways to solve the puzzles in his way as he travels accross a wartorn country in search of his creator.

There is more to it then that, but I want to keep that information for the team only.

If interested, leave a comment here, or contact me at:

This game is only for the teams individual portfolios.

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