Tutorial program

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Tutorial program

Post by knightwalkr » Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:16 am

I was just looking through some stuff and I know there are several people out there that are doing tutorials for blender. What I was kind of thinking is a program for the mac or PC or the say the ipad. What it would do is tell you how to do things in a blender emulator. You would follow the steps as it told you to do them. Simple program that limits commands and what you could do.

Maybe something even built into a blender package. Say call it blender education. Have it set where you can tell it to run you through how to create simple things. The person has to click and do all of the actions but what he is suppose to be clicking and such would be high lighted or written on the screen.

Lets say that you have 2 basic tutorials starting out. One that walks you through simple box modeling of a car, and the second walks you through topographically modeling the car. From beginning to end complete with rigging, adding materials, and texturing. Or say the simple box human and to the topographical modeling of a human.

Maybe even an interface allowing someone to script in tutorials as an add on and then being able to go through them and remove them as you learn.


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