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Visual Blender Hotkey Sheet

Post by yking »

Hi everybody!

I'm a complete Blender newbie and as such I tried to get a grip of Blender by using hotkey sheets. But all the sheets I found on the internet were either tabular or showed the
keyboard layout. I realized that these forms of depiction are not well suited for me; I neither like to search in a bunch of letters for a certain function, nor do I need a reminder
of where the keys are located on my keyboard. What I wanted is a compact, nonredundant hotkey overview, which is visually accessible and allows me to find a certain function
at a glance. It should be well structured, meaning that similar functions are grouped together not solely based on modes but depending on behaviour and effect. Therefore I
created this hotkey sheet I want to share with you:

Visual Blender Hotkeys
(Warning: 4 MB, may take a while to load)

The original file is a vector graphic and therefore scaleable to any size.

It's *not* finished yet, as you can see, there is still a bit space left at the bottom right (below the "Text" field, the guy is not supposed to be there in the final version).
It's a kind of beta version and I'd like experienced Blender users to evaluate the sheet. Please tell me about suggestions, improvements, important hotkeys I forgot or hotkeys which are not up-to-date with the latest Blender version.

Best regards, and sorry for the long post,

Known issues (Please read those before making any suggestions):

- I deliberately passed on mode sensitivity (Object Mode/Edit Mode) for the benefit of a comprehensible categorization of functions. Moreover, some of the pictograms seem to
refer to one or the other mode (resembling a selected object or a selected mesh), while the function actually is available in both modes. In my opinion this is passable, since the
hotkey sheet is intended to let you retrieve *already known* hotkeys at a glance. As with every hotkey sheet it is assumed that you know what the functions do and I think this
includes knowing the modes they are available for.

- I'm fully aware that these are *not* all the hotkeys available in Blender. First of all, I initially created the hotkey sheet for my own; since I primarily want to be able to create a game
character, I don't need some of the editor types, like Dope Sheet, Video Sequence Editor, Node Editor and so on. So I drew a line and only included hotkeys, which are
immediately accessible in the default screen type comprising 3D View, Timeline, Outliner and Properties (3D View includes Object Mode, Edit Mode, Pose Mode and the various
Paint Modes, of course).
Secondly, many hotkeys are used in the same way in different modes or editors, such as "G" is not only used to move objects in Object Mode, but also to move meshes/vertices
in Edit Mode, markers in the Timeline or keyframes in the Dope Sheet. To make the hotkey sheet as compact as possible, I tried to avoid redundancies and therefore many of
the functions are only depicted in a single way, while they are applicable in many more ways. Again, it is assumed for the user to be aware of this.

- Quite similar to the consideration above, in many cases there is an overlapping of modes and functions hampering a consistent categorization of functions. For example, hierarchy selection concerns "Selection" as well
as "Relations". In my hotkey sheet, however, it is found in neither of these two fields, but included in the "Pose" field instead. Though hierarchy selection also applies to objects
related among themselves other than amatures, of course. But I was thinking that the hierachy of an amature is more accessible and the function might be used more often for
the selection of bones. The location of this function in the sheet should possibly be changed.
On the other hand, I tried to leverage the overlapping to gather similar functions. For example, hotkeys for manipulation of bone roll as well as curve roll are located close to each other;
functions for "Navigation" and "Viewing" are adjacent; the outliner hotkey to show hierachy is located near the "Relations" field, the toggle visibility hotkey is next to the "Viewing"
field. There are more examples; this is supposed to facilitate recovering of functions with similar effect.

- Since Blender is in constant development, the creation of the hotkey sheet was accompanied by several releases of new Blender versions. Therefore, availability of some
hotkeys may have changed and I don't guarantee that everything is up to date. I know, for example, that the hotkeys for special characters were not functional in Blender 2.61.
Hotkeys for promillage and circle still don't seem to function in Blender 2.62. As with Blender, this hotkey sheet will probably always be work in progress.

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Post by jorrit »

This is an old post but I just noticed it. I'm wondering what the 'Strg' key means that is used on the image though?

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Post by Tehrasha »

It is German equivalent to ctrl.

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