how to learn modeling with most scientific way?

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how to learn modeling with most scientific way?

Post by kijthae » Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:57 pm

Hello There
Im working as a web designer.Im interested in making things that may contribute visually to web medium by using game engines/3D apps. .However Im very bad at modeling anything.This is going to be a question , I've been looking for an answer for a long time but i havent found one satisfying yet.

What is the most efficient , scientific way to learn 3d modeling.How was it taught to you at acedemic environment ?. I dont ask for learning software , I dont ask copying things by doing tutorials. I am asking how do i learn to model anything :

1-) I see
2-) I imagine
3-) I got blue prints.

Let me give an example from drawing.

If you just copy people how to draw some specific objects to learn drawing , you fail because you cant draw anything else different.Its your perception that needs to be awaken.Therefore You need to learn basics of the perspective like vanishing points then you learn to draw basic objects on empty space. You start drawing boxes and you draw many boxes from different xyz axes.Then you continue doing same for other primitive shapes.After that you can draw basic things like television , chair , table etc. from primitive objects with different angles.Finally you can easly draw whatever you see.Many people say it requires talent but i taught many people to draw whatever they see with this scientific way.

Im seeking same solution for 3d modeling.
Thanks for answers

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My perspective

Post by Kauranga » Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:16 pm

Hi, I don't have any experience with the best way to learn modelling... probably not how I've learnt it. But you've encouraged me to go and practice my perspective drawings.
I guess I have some insight of how hard it is to learn modelling when done wrong? It seems perhaps modelling is the opposite of drawing. Drawing a cube in blender is as simple as pushing F12 in the default scene. Perspective is all taken care of. So people like me who have trouble with pencils find we can create images we otherwise might never have achieved.
I think my first Blender model was the dolphin tutorial which used a lattice to shape the model. But I prefer to think that once you have a basic understanding of the Blender UI, get straight into creating organic shapes. Start with a single plane (with a mirror modifier; clipping on) and extrude the edges out, scaling and moving them mostly using the axes manipulators, working on creating a model from your head. I don't tend to use sculpt tools much because they seem to have poor performance on my old laptop.
There's a tutorial somewhere that says:
Arguably the single most important aspect to modeling is topology
That's easy to say, but I've never been able to get my models looking like they just came out of Makehuman. My models look good enough when rendered, but I find I want to add or remove vertices after making my shape keys; I find my shoulders warp badly when I flex my armatures, and I find the number of faces on my models always just exceeds the available RAM on my computer. So today I have gone in search of a good tutorial on topology.

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