Paranormal Game. Seeking Modellers

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Paranormal Game. Seeking Modellers

Post by sparkyzrox » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:23 pm


Hudson Black - Ghost Hunter
Hudson’s wife and child died in an unexplained fire in their own house. Hudson had been haunted by all the death around him and went on a search for the starter of the fire. The oven was not on, candles were not lit and the fireplace was cold. Not too much of the house was affected apart from the random burn in the middle of the house in which his wife and child were at, at the same time. He knew It was something supernatural, it was the only explanation. He learnt about the spirits of the damned coming to your house and taking your loved ones in a flash. He decided to go on a hunt to all the paranormal spots and dedicate his life to hunt ghosts and spirits for revenge.

Raven - Legendary Creature Hunter
Raven’s family got ripped apart by demons when she was 17, ever since then she devoted her life to killing any monster, creature or demon that stood in her way. She became a hunter, a hunter that would never back down and would never give up. Her family was innocent, she was innocent, and now she fights for her life to avenge her family’s death. She does a mission, she will disappear, stories are told of her but no proof had been revealed. She is a thief in the night and leaves no trace of her existence, she has no friends, and she has no family. She is all alone in this god forsaken world, a world more terrifying than anyone could imagine. Except her!

Positions to fill and requirements:
Level Designer

Only requirement that is for all: Use free software or the one you have license for.

Common Questions

What is the game?

Game is about 3 guys who are fighting against things beyond our understanting. And fight here is not fists or guns. there will be very small use of guns. Game will be focused not on shooting but on atmosphere of intence horror.

Why create this game?

There are lot of great ideas out there but sometimes people just forget about them or do not have time to finish it. 2 users already liked idea, i like it so let's not let another good idea die

What is the main focus?

Well, i want to transmit a few messages with this game. First i want that players around the world would learn few things about their own country. Playing CoD will not make you smarter. So with this game i want to make people little smarter. Secondtly, i want to transmit that be a hero is not run forward and kill bad guys.

What’s different?

Game will be focusing on paranormal stuff and destroying it. I haven't seen any game like this only one that came out like Amnesia or Fatal Frame is basically run away and do your missions. In this kind of stuff i want to give player certain liberty to explore locations not telling him do that and do that and in order to go right way i lock all doors around so he could go right way.

Can i handdle it?
Well i will do my best in leading you guys and if some one with more experience in leading team will join this project i will be happy to nominate him as a game designer.


It will be a Third person perspective game. Why perspective? Because you won't shoot a lot in this game. You will be able to shoot at monsters but only to protect yourself in bad situations. You will have limited bullets.

Ghost Gameplay.

You wil explore large amount of land in order to find the victims dead or alive. Ghost will throw stuff in you, you will be hearing stuff, voices screams and locking for help in order to atract you in dangerous places and locking doors behind you. You will also have calm bar which will show your heart rate and bluring your view if your heart rate is way up. There will be a button to calm yourself. But ghost will know that you are nervous and try not to calm you down. If heart rate reches certain limit and your screen is almost blured your character will run away from the place. It will be game over for that day, you may try again next day. But victims can't wait so abusing day limit you will find your victims dead.


In this particular case, demon will not overpower only one human. You will find yourself surrounded by people overpowerd by them. You will have to knock them out and exorcise them. To be more precise, you see a possessed guy,(they can fight too), the best strategy is to knock them out with a baseball bat or example and exorcise them. I will think better about this.

Monster hunting

Stealth action. You have rifle with limited amount of bullets and flashlight. You are alone, probably in woods searching for victims of monster attack, you will hear strange noises, some times even see the monster or his shadow passing by. Choose between trying to kill him or rescuing victims first, don't forget that they are unpredictable.Your primary objective is to save them. Secondary kill the monster.

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And lots more art at the website

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Post by sparkyzrox » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:30 pm

Sorry bout the big pics.
If you are interested in joining you can join through our website or email me at

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Post by sparkyzrox » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:34 pm

We will need both character and prop modellers!!!!!!!

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Post by Woyzeck » Tue May 08, 2012 3:36 am

Only thing I has to say is first off - I don't know if English is your native language, but it needs work. When a lot of people are looking to help people with projects and such, they'll want to work with people who not only speak professionally, but are also easy to understand. I KNOW this is just a fun project, but still; I took a look of that website you have and wasn't impressed with the amount of grammatical errors for simple words such as "patients".

I'm into the paranormal, I think it's cool you're modelling Waverly Hills. I wish I could get a hold of overnight tickets to that place, but they're so expensive.

Anyway, that's just some advice from me. Good luck with your project.

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