Robot Arm, game engine - physic

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Robot Arm, game engine - physic

Post by Heichel91 » Mon May 14, 2012 2:07 pm


I'm very first time here, so sorry for my lack of knowladge.
For some time I've created robot arm for study exercises.

My arm has 7 degrees of freedom, and I set in the logic editor, how can it moves - it works perfect. But I want to do a game, where you can grab something and put it to another place.

My problems begin when I want to grab something with gripper.
First problem is that I can't block to movement of gripper when I made It to clip - it overlaps on itself.
Second when I want to grab object, the gripper gets into the object, and first object starts to shake and I can't transfer it.

I set this physic options:
gripper - static, actor
object - rigid object, actor.

Project file: ... blend.html

Thanks in advance.

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