Creating interactive 3D models for webpages

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Creating interactive 3D models for webpages

Post by Gaahl » Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:33 pm

Hello everybody,

I just registered, because I could not yet find the information mentioned in the topic name...

First I want to say hello to another new community. so Hello!

Something about me and blender in my first post:

I downloaded Blender because I was fascinated, what one can achieve with this software. Just seeing all the examples here on this website is amazing. Further I had the idea to use interactive 3d models on a website. And this is how I came here:

I wonder, if there is a possibility to use the 3d models crafted in blender, to include them in a homepage as an interactive part. For example a flower, which the visitor can zoom in and out, turn left and right, up and down and so on.

I'm quiet sure that there must be a possibility, because I believe there always is in IT technologies. The Question is, just how?

Has anyone of you experience in this relation? Maybe even did something like that?

I would be glad to get answers and hints of you, to have a start to go on on myself.

Another thing is, that, how I guess, blender is based on python, right? I had no contact to this language, but I am sure to get handled with this one, too, if necessary. If, the question is, if it is combineable with php code or javascript.. but thats already details..

So far, that's me, that's my current problem/intuition.

Regards, and thank you all in advance. I am looking forward to explore much more in blender, and here!


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