I need help of community artists volunteers.

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I need help of community artists volunteers.

Post by kittyniau » Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:38 pm

Hello, i need help of active volunteers, i am singer and songwriter, artist, dancer, i have many talents. I need to create a professional presentation of me as a singer, because i am looking for great record deal. I am in a hurry.So i got an idea, to create an animated cartoon music clips for some of my songs, and upload it on YouTube, and keep it there until it will get many views and people will support me and some record label will notice me .
So i am asking help of this community artists, who would like to practice and i improve they professional skills in animation creating, and will help me with my request, to create a high quality animated clips, for myself presentation. Maybe you also wish to get professional popularity, or maybe you just like to help me. I will give all the ideas i have about it in details, i am a good artist, just i don't know how to create 3D animations, i cannot make it myself. I need your help as soon as possible, so if you are talented, active and ready to work on this project, you are very welcome! My music and animation ideas giving priority to USA style, please notice that. So i am creating a high quality music, and you are creating a high quality animations.So maybe it will be the chance for us to get noticed - me as a singer, and you as a talented animation makers.
If i will reach my purpose, and become successful artist , i will be happy to find new friends among your community, and work together in future if you wish. Also i wish that free and open source software will get more more popularity among people, and i want people to know in future that your car animation was created on free software Blender, and my music was created on free software LMMS.
I love free open source software , i wish it could be developed more better. =^.^=
My Skype login: murnihon

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