Keymapping and Logic help

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Keymapping and Logic help

Post by Odineye » Tue Jul 03, 2012 7:49 pm

I am trying to make a simple game engine, (I think) To handle a Keymap like the one below for a 'dual-stick' controller.

Button 1 = A =
Button 2 = B =
Button 3 = X =
Button 4 = Y =
Button 5 = LB = Pick up/Drop left hand
Button 6 = RB = Pick up/Drop left hand
Button 7 = BK =
Button 8 = ST =
Button 9 = LS =
Button 10 = RS =
Z+ = Left Trigger = Use left hand (hand mode)
Z- = Right Trigge = Use right hand (hand mode)
XY Axis = L.sitck = Move/ Move left hand
XY Rot = R.Stick = Look/ move right hand

The game pad should have two analog sticks with the "L3" option in both sticks. It should have a six button face with optional POV hat. Also two shoulder buttons with trigger levers below them. A PS3 or XBOX360 controller meet the description aptly.
The game mechanic should function thus; Player views through a first-person camera. (for accuracy) When the left stick is moved the player moves laterally in that direction. When the right stick is moved the player's view moves accordingly. When the left trigger is pressed a cursor called 'left hand' appears, and if the left stick is moved the hand cursor moves instead of the player. Same for the right trigger with respective naming. When the hand cursor is moved over an object and the corresponding bumper is pressed the object attaches to the hand cursor. When the respective trigger is released the hand cursor goes to it's default position beside the player.
Illustration: The game world is a medieval fantasy. The player walks into an armory. He moves over and looks at the weapons and stuff. With the left trigger and bumper he selects a shield object to be 'picked up' and with the right trigger and bumper he 'picks up' a sword. He then moves into combat. He moves up to his enemy looking at him. He then holds the right trigger and flicks the right stick around to swing his sword. If his shield is to heavy for him he can tap left bumper at any time to simply drop it. If he is feeling proficient then he can hold the trigger and and flick the stick up and down while tapping the the bumper to throw it. He can even view a wall or something with good hand holds and climb by 'pulling' himself up.

I am using Blender to build it. It runs on python code. I am having trouble finding the proper and most streamlined method for accomplishing this. Any and all help will be appreciated.

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