Edges won't render on certain objects

Blender's renderer and external renderer export

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Edges won't render on certain objects

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I have a problem with Blender's edge rendering. For certain objects/meshes, blender won't render the edge around them. For the moment I'm testing with objects exported to OBJ from DAZ Studio 4, then import them to Blender.

For Blender primitives (cube, plane, UVSphere) the edges are rendered correctly, but somehow it won't for imported objects. I have tested to up the threshold incrementally to 255, and making the materials shadeless, but no luck.

Here's the sample render, the 1st one is with edge settings turned off, and the 2nd turned on. The scene is a model placed inside the ring of a torus. You can see that as if the renderer ignore the imported objects. What did I do wrong?


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edge render problems

Post by mpr2101 »

Me too. Edge doesn't "take" on the objects I've imported from an .obj, but does work on meshes indigenous to the .blend file.

(sorry - not a solution, but an affirmation)


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