Smoke render not right

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Smoke render not right

Post by ZackatSumoFilms » Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:52 am

In my 3D viewport the camera shows exactly what I want, which is the camera on close up to the explosion where I can't even see the edges of the smoke domain.
I set the gravity on the world to 0. I have the sides Open. Also, I baked my particles and smoke simulations and have them saved to disk. Everything looks great in the 3D viewport with the particles & smoke. It completely fills the screen and dissolves. I even have the settings on my smoke textures happy, but 3 things are wrong when I render.
First, the view rendered is not what my camera sees and I even went back and specifically made sure the camera is what is being used for the view. Pretty easy since all I have is a smoke emitter, a domain, a pinpoint light and a camera for the scene. What is shows is the entire domain from far away. My output is HD 720 and the entire domain takes up maybe a quarter of the vertical height and width and it is centered.
Second, the smoke is still colliding with the edges of the cube. The smoke bunches up and you can see the edges fill up.
Finally, if there's 0 gravity why does the smoke still rise? I know I can change the Temp Difference for the Domain and/or the Flow as a hack, but that gets tedious and extremely minor changes will cause major differences.
If anyone has any real advice please help out. I will provide the Blend on request, but the last scene I sent out has been downloaded a bunch of times with no answers and I feel as if I just gave away my project to a bunch of ungrateful strangers.
Zack Miller

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