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Complete Newbie

Post by AutonomyTD » Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:23 pm

Hi guys, completely new to Blender, although I have used Max, Maya and other apps for many years, so am hoping that I can get over the hump quite quick and be up to speed. Have to say, that even with the short amount of time I have used the app (yesterday) I have liked what I have seen so far, even if it is a little frustrating not knowing stuff, but I guess that is the fun of learning.

So, my issue is this. I need to be able to export as a dae so that I can run it in a viewer.

I created a box in 3ds max, unwrapped it and exported as a .3ds file (I cheated, I know, but have little time to do the modelling in Blender)

I imported it into Blender, added a material and imported a texture file, which appears on the box in the Blender viewport.

I added two more point lights (3 in total), each with an energy value of 1.0 each. Colour values are red, blue and green in colour.

I selected the box and 3 lights and exported as a COLLADA(.dae)

I opened the viewer and the cube is there, lit by the three lights, but there is no texture showing.

There is no light blending, some faces are completely blue, some red and others green, depending on which side the point light is. The viewer I am looking at it in does not currently support attenuation and brightness is based on energy/multiplier light values. The viewer is being written and updated as I write this so amendments and better features are on the way (so we have been told by the dev team)
If anyone has any advice as to the methodology for getting this out of Blender and into a .dae file that I can view properly, I would appreciate it.


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Post by stiv » Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:18 pm

Likely the Collada export wants a UV texture.

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