Using the Graphics card in Cycles

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Using the Graphics card in Cycles

Post by MPSGA » Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:57 am

Hi everybody! I hope I'm not posting this topic into the wrong section, but well, guess I find it out when it is moved to another place :) .
Anyhow, the main question is because of the Cycles rendering engine. Namely, I cannot use my older ATI card with it. Yeah, I know, there's the talk that OpenCL isn't really supported and such, but I've found some topics that did get Cycles working with ATI RV770. It has OpenCL 1.0 or something, I'm not even sure. ATI/AMD has made a mess with it's OpenCL. I think nVidia is the way to go afterwards.
Anyways, is there possible to update OpenCL that my ATI RV770 supports or is there a way to make Cycles work with my RV770 / HD4800?
If anybody bothers to answer or even read, I thank you :)

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