Grouping, visibility management (formerly Layers)

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Grouping, visibility management (formerly Layers)

Postby thorwil » Sat Dec 06, 2003 6:59 pm


Can you believe it? Last thread broken again (can't effectively pot there anymore).

For reference: ... pic&t=2463 ... pic&t=2498

Update of my Layers page, now under the title: "Object grouping and visibility management".
I've added som line about lamps and envirnment mapping under what is now the "Research" section.
There's something about p_vertex_' concept.

But most important is the new "project briefing", where I try to define the task that should be solved, or at least how I think about it. ... ui/layers/
(Last updated: 2003-12-09)

Any feedback is welcome!
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Postby Karim » Sat Dec 06, 2003 7:12 pm

Throsten, did you take a look at my last proposal (posted to BFFunboard)? Feel free to fit it into your page where applicable.

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Postby thorwil » Tue Dec 09, 2003 3:09 pm

Yo Karim, didn't notice you posted here, since on the main page it still says last post from me an there was no notification.

I justed updated my site, with all your images (first one only linked, but same server).

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