Blender "game schema" and game compliance mode

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Blender "game schema" and game compliance mode

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Hi. I'm a member of the jMonkeyEngine team. We love Blender, and it’s our go-to modeling tool. The problem is that Blender is becoming such a fast moving target that feature parity and compatibility with the format is a major challenge. We’ve even gone so far as to consider bundling blender with our SDK.

In an attempt to remedy some of these issues, for our own project as well as game developers at large, I have some suggestions for the Blender developers to consider:

#1 - Game Schema
We think Blender would benefit from a "game schema". Essentially this would be a simplified version of the .blend format, restricted to game-specific features, excluding everything in the format that cannot feasibly be rendered live.

#2 - Game Compliance Mode
To go along with the game schema could be a "game compliance mode”. This would be a special editing mode you could enable in Blender, which would restrict the user to game-friendly features only.

I’d love to know more about any related discussions you might have had already, i.e. regarding Blender as a tool for game development.

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