Changing render output name in File Output Nodes ???

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Changing render output name in File Output Nodes ???

Post by _patrice_ » Sun Jul 29, 2012 3:21 pm


I wrote a plugin for blender 2.57 and try now to fix the problems I have when running the plugin in blender 2.63.

In my old script I create some different file output nodes (image,depth,...) and render multiple views of a scene in a loop (not using the timeline) storing the different outputs with a increasing filename counter:

in 2.57 this works:

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nodes =[0].node_tree.nodes 
imgOutNode = nodes["File Output"] 
depthOutNode = nodes["Depth_File_Output"] 

for n in range(something): 
fileindex = "%3.3i_" % (n) 
imgOutNode.filepath = path.join(filepath,'images/',fileindex) 
depthOutNode.filepath = path.join(filepath,'depth/',fileindex) 
(This has rendered sequences: 000_Image0001.png, 001_Image0001.png,...)

But the .filepath property doesn't exist anymore in the node objects.

I found out that they now have the base_path proberty:

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fileindex = "%5.5i_" % (n) 
imgOutNode.base_path = path.join(filepath,'images/') 
depthOutNode.base_path = path.join(filepath,'depth/') 

But I have no idea how to access now the output filename. How can I change for each output node the name similar to this:

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imgOutNode.secretFileName = fileindex
depthOutNode.secretFileName = fileindex
Hope my description is not that confusing and anyone can help me with this...!? :roll:

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Post by floww » Fri Oct 12, 2012 11:42 am


you can set the name of the image via

imgOutNode.file_slots[0].path = "name_of_output_img"

Hope that helps.

Regards, Flo

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