VRay Frame Buffer not working

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VRay Frame Buffer not working

Post by Quagdarr » Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:26 pm

I am new to Blender and am hoping to use VRay as well as Cycles in my future, I looked hard to find out how VRay integrates to Blender, I found the major sites that feature this...except I am having issues.

I have installed the VRay 2.2 for Maya Demo, I have also installed VRay/Blender.

When I launch VRayBlender (64bit version as I run on a 64bit rig) I attempt to render with VRay, I get a black screen, I have reduced my resolution of the render to be at 600x480 for the Demo mode, nothing.

I do not even have the VRay Frame Buffer pop up. I am at a loss as I have read everything from everywhere and watched the videos on youtube, following along step by step. Nothing :(

Intel Xeon E31270 3.4Ghz
16GB Ram
GeForce GTX 690

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