Bake output texture face association

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Bake output texture face association

Post by skidz » Tue Nov 20, 2012 9:26 am

I am wondering if there is a way to lock in the association to the output texture/image to a face or material. When I say output I mean from baking. I notice sometimes after I come back to a object it looses its association to the image, and I have to go through... and select all the faces again, and reselect the image in the UV editor..

Also, is there a way to tell what faces are associated to what texture? I notices sometimes when selecting all the faces in a material it changes to the correct image in the UVEditor, but one of the faces is associated with a different image, and unless I select that face by itself, I can't tell...

Hoping I make sense :)

I searched google high and low for the answer to these questions, but couldn't find them.. I feel I spend half my time battleing with face to uvtexture association when I do textures...

Oh.. and while I am here.. is there a way to save all unsaved textures at once instead of having to select each and saving them? :)

Thanks in advance..

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Post by CoDEmanX » Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:27 pm

you have to take care: you can assign materials to faces in 3d viewport, but also textures in UV editor. For UV mapped models you gotta do both. But not necessarily by hand, there is a addon called Material Utils, which can transfer the assigned materials to UV editor and vice versa. Make sure you change texture mapping from generated to UV to see the actual texture in viewport.

You can use the Select / Deselect buttons in material panel to select/deselect faces with the currently selected material assigned. In addition, the Material Utils addon allows you to select by material via Q key in 3d viewport.
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Post by skidz » Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:45 am

That is a neat utility... :)

I have played around with it... and while, I am sure I will use this a lot... I don't believe it solves the issues I asked about... I have no need to change out the materials to the baked textures after they have been baked... I like to keep the materials in case I make changes...

I just want a easier way to ensure the face on a object/material is associated with a particular texture when baking the materials into a texture... I often find I have to go back and re associate the face with the texture several times...

For example.. my workflow...
1. I make a object
2. Give it a material
3. while material faces are selcted I make a new image in the UV editor (this is when the association takes place between the faces and the image)
4. Bake to that texture

Then I work on other stuff a while.. come back to that object and for some reason the association I made when creating the images is gone or wrong... or some faces are on some images.. and others on another... I just was hoping there's a better way to lock that in. :)

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