Tablet (Android + misc) as "advanced keyboard" for

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Tablet (Android + misc) as "advanced keyboard" for

Post by jesperkp » Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:32 pm

When using Blender I sometimes find myself wanting a quick reference and access to keys.

My idea is basically to use a tablet computer as an external device with "shortcuts" for available functions in Blender. For example making it context driven - so when you are in edit mode - the external device will show commands available in edit mode and so on.

I have looked for such a project via Google - but found nothing.

If nobody started a project like that - I think I will start to work on it myself and of course make it public available if anyone would find it usefull.

My basic idea is that the user run a small minimal web service on the computer running Blender. This webservice will present a html(5) page to the external device. This minimal web service will in turn be managing communication between Blender and the web client - most likely in an xml format due to the ease of sending near real time messages between a web client and Blender.

I see this principle used allready for other software for connecting external displays and input devices to games and simulators (like cockpit instrumentation simulation in X-Plane).

Any comments / directions to already existing software is greatly appreciated.

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