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Newby - Blender VSE

Post by jimmyy » Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:42 pm


I'm quite new to Blender.
I was wondering if I can use the Blender VSE as an video editor for videos that were not created with blender.

I installed Blender, and managed my way to find the VSE in Blender, and opened my video, but I must confess that I cannot find any functionality related to video editing.

I would like to re-record my filmings at a rate o 0.90% (a little bit slowlier than normal).

I read on the wiki of blender and I understood how to do it, it's an effect, but I can't find it...

I changed the three "views" from the 3D View to VSE. I'll post tomorrow a printscreen.

Can you please let me know if it's possible to edit non-blender generated movies and if yes, I could use some links to learn how to make the interface show the list of video effects....

I'm planning , in the medium term to start studying a bit about animation (modeling, rigging, rendering...) in blender.

Thank you

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Post by stiv » Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:26 am

Basically, you add your clips (audio & video) in the VSE, edit/arrange them and render. As long as they are a format blender can read...

For simple tasks, like re-encoding, something like ffmpeg might be easiest.

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