Best approach to have blender update meshes in background...

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Best approach to have blender update meshes in background...

Post by dvochin » Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:13 pm

Hi Blender Gurus!

For an upcoming game I’m designing (not using BGE), I need Blender to modify some meshes in the background while the game is running. In other words, I need blender to perform its magic on a few meshes with the game renders the updated meshes with the player completely oblivious that Blender is doing some work in the background.

What is the recommended simplest way to do this?

- Should I compile Blender in my exe, hide its window and serialize the meshes through C++ structures?
- Should I write Python scripts to launch Blender in hidden mode and serialize the meshes to my C++ executable through Python and TCP/IP sockets?

Which approach is best? Is there a sample or code framework that does something like I’m trying to do?

(I’m a pretty good C++ developer and should have no problem serializing the meshes between my game and blender)

Many thanks for any hint you can offer!!


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