blender, collada and webgl

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blender, collada and webgl

Post by RBennett37 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:50 pm

Hello all,

I'm brand new to this so bear with me. I was experimenting with using collada to export models + texture from blender to webGL following this tutorial: ... ature=plcp

It all seems logical, however my model doesn't show on the web, and having picked through the tutorial again I can't see what I'm doing wrong . Can anyone help me troubleshoot or point me in the direction of some basic resources on the blender -collada - webgl combination?

The dae and html files I created are here if you want to take a look: ... _duck.html

Thanks for reading!

Ubuntu 12.04, Blender 2.6.0 / Windows Vista, Blender 2.64a

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