Outliner should display multi-selected objects highlighted

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Outliner should display multi-selected objects highlighted

Post by Delysid25 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 10:39 pm

Outliner could improve intuitiveness for when having multiple objects selected in a scene. Currently it's impossible to tell which objects are indeed selected by looking at the Outliner, it only highlights the last selected (active) object but other selected objects are indistinguishable from other non-selected objects.

The Outliner could further benefit from simply defaulting to actual selection of the objects in the scene when selecting on the objects names in the Outliner instead of the additional step of right-clicking on the selected and selecting select from the pop-up window.

The current functionality of the Outliner when it comes to the simple selection of objects in a scene confounds and frustrates me at times. Admittedly, I come from a predominantly Maya background and am more accustomed to the useage of their Outliner. But I love Blender and want to see it shine. Finally, after much searching in vain for a settings solution, I seem to be finding myself here pressing for improvement in this small but significant workflow nuisance.

Thanks for listening.

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