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Invisible model

Post by Flame » Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:17 pm

Alright. So first off, I am pretty new to Blender, and modelling in general.

So, I'm working with a friend on a project, and I made a model for him. The pivot point was in need of moving for him to use it properly, and he wanted me to change the orientation of the model. So I popped it in blender, mucked around on google and youtube till I found how to change the pivot point, and did what i had to.

So now, whenever he tries to open the file I give him in Unity, it is invisible. No model shows up. the little xyz square appears, but no model. When I open the model in blender, it looks just fine.

I tried flipping normals, that didnt do anything.

What the hell did I do wrong here?

Here's the basic model

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