Make the DVD tutorials in the E-shop downloadable

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Make the DVD tutorials in the E-shop downloadable

Post by Thelemic »

Hello, I have found some of the DVD tutorials in the Blender E-shop very interesting and I would really like to buy them. However, I prefer downloading stuff much more than buying DVD:s. After I've used them they will only be laying around and taking space. It's also much more environment-friendly to download something than to have it shipped across the world.

Please it an option on how you would like to have your purchase, either DVD:s or a download link:).

I know that you can just go to TPB and get it there as a torrent, though, Blender is such a good program so I would really like to support the Blender Foundation projects.

Thanks for the awesome program and the tutorials and please take my suggestion in consideration


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Yes, it's a must!

Post by acarrascob »

I also want to buy several Tutorials but not being able to download them it always turn me off. I my case use to travel a lot and as I remember I didn't use any DVD for years :D .
I love blender and I will like to collaborate too.

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