Dynamic Boolean Modifier In-Game

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Dynamic Boolean Modifier In-Game

Post by celestialorb » Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:44 pm

Hello all,

I've got a blend file where I'm attempting to show the coverage of the Earth by a satellite as it flies through its orbit. What I need to do is essentially find the curve of the intersection between a cone (the FOV from the instrument onboard) and a sphere (the Earth). This would be where the Boolean modifier would come in.

I applied a boolean modifier and got a good portion of the Earth selected, attached my cone FOV to my satellite and ran the game, wishfully thinking that maybe the Boolean modifier would update in-game. Unfortunately that's not the case.

I'm guessing there's not, but is there anyway I can force the modifier to update? Even if it's every second or so? I know modifiers tend to have a lot of overhead and it's advisable not to use them in-game.

If not, is there another way I can accomplish this? I can work out the mathematics for the intersection on my own. If I compute the curve then split it up and compute a set number of vertices along the curve can I create a mesh out of it on the go in the game engine?

Thanks in advance!

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