Blender pod file exporter - Help urgently

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Blender pod file exporter - Help urgently

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I am developing an iOS cocos3d application. I need to create a Home based (Home along with rooms such as kitchen etc.) and use scene movement from one room to other. It will looks like Cocos3d sample DemoMashup app. I want to create this 3d model using Blender to get .dae file and then export to .pod file to use in Cocos3d project as per mentioned in the Cocos3d documentation. But, i am seeing its being very tough to create a 3d design for Home using Blender, i'm still reading documentation over 3 days. Also, .dae to .pod converted "PowerVR" is not available sdk/ui in their website. I want to get some .pod file and use it for testing my project. Could someone please help me on providing some sample .pod format file or the link where i can get sample files? (or) What else tool that i can use for converting from .dae to .pod apart from PowerVR. Its very very urgent for me , please help.

Thank you in advance!

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