Oversampling Patterns for Anti-Aliasing

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Oversampling Patterns for Anti-Aliasing

Post by Uhlst » Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:22 pm

Hello Blender users/developers,

I wonder if it is possible to change the pre-defined sampling patterns of Blender to a regular sampling pattern.

I am asking because I have a checker-board scene where it would be better to have a regular OSA grid instead of the irregular one that is the default with Blender. Because of the irregular grid, I can see some pixel noise around the edges.

Right now, I try to circumvent the problem by increasing the render image size, switching of AA and then rescale the rendered image to the original size. However, this approach is quite slow and I therefore would like to change the OSA pattern in Blender directly.

Thanks for your help,


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