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Portfolios, files,Turbosquid.

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Hello, my name is Auriel.

I would like feedback on specific points of this topic, for I am interested in selling what I make in blender, preferably food. My idea is to have my own 3D model shop for things like food,items,etc.

I texture them, and they have materials but I would like the view on how to go about selling them for full functionality and format flexibility. So in this I request to know the highlights and musts for Wavefront , Collada , and other popular formats, such as what settings to choose when exporting, or what files to place where in the folder that will be uploaded for purchase on Turbosquid. I want to try to avoid someone purchasing, then saying that the materials,textures, or effects didn't work as it did when I used it.

Perhaps I can provide with a .blend for examination to see if theres anything I can do to touch up my files before exporting? I'd like to refine my whole techniques to provide a smooth business and smooth flow of working items.

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