mime-type for blender??

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mime-type for blender??

Postby blendine » Sat Oct 26, 2002 12:18 am

Is there a mime-type for blender?

if not, I would suggest

I did this for my .htaccess of apacheserver. AddType application/x-blender blend
AddIcon /mypath/icons/blender.png blend
When IndexOptions FancyIndexing activated it shows me the blendericon at the directorylisting for each blenderfile.

and my configured webbrowsers can
open .blend-files on a simple click
on the link.
The webbrowsers must have the mime-type for blenderfile in his config)
systemwide: in /etc/mime-types and /etc/mailcap or local: ~/.mime-types and ~/.mailcap used by lynx and netscape
systemwide: /opt/kde2/share/mimelnk/application/x-blender.desktop for konqueror

Posts: 2
Joined: Fri Oct 25, 2002 11:13 pm

Postby blendine » Sat Oct 26, 2002 12:34 am

Sorry for ugly posting.

Had problems to login with konqueror. The phpscript kicks me after login (i get the dark page before refresh but then forwards me to the start page) :evil:

So I must use lynx with a much too small inputwindow. :evil: (yes i mean the window where you write your anwser )

Now I use the good old netscape4.77 to do the stuff here.. :?


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